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Understanding of the fact that a dealership pulls numerous resources from the town in which it is located, J. Agresta, President of Benzel-Busch Motor Car, is committed to keeping downtown Englewood strong and serving as an active supporter of the region. In fact, as Agresta explains, this commitment is an important part of the Benzel-Busch corporate culture and a large part of who we are as a business.

One way we show our thanks to the community that allows us to operate in the way that we do is by remaining a charitable partner of the Bergen Performing Art Center, otherwise known as the bergenPAC. In fact, this relationship has been active for over 30 years, when the center was known as the John Harms Theater for the Arts.

Serving as a cultural hub of the region, bergenPAC brings Bergen County to the eyes of nearly 350,000 people each year through performances and events. Most importantly, however, it provides education services to youth throughout the region—something that Benzel-Busch is proud to support. A mandate to never turn a student away due to an inability to afford tuition is an admirable one. One way we support bergenPAC is by providing funding to help them meet that mandate. Through this, we help them offer students the opportunity to be active, engaged, and involved.

Luxury lives in every corner of Englewood, from our dealership to beyond. At Benzel-Busch, we regularly thank our customers for their business by providing the very best experience we can. But we don’t owe our success only to our customers. We owe it to those within the community who continuously support the region year after year; those, like bergenPAC, who help make Englewood truly a space Where Luxury Lives.