3 Ways the Audi Q5 Supports Safe Spring Commutes

3 Ways the Audi Q5 Supports Safe Spring Commutes

New Jersey roadways can be treacherous through the spring season—heavy volumes are met with changing weather conditions, which can go from sunny and dry one day to dark and dreary the next. As a commuter, safety is paramount and that’s where a dependable vehicle with high safety ratings comes in. Named a Top Safety Pick+ from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the Audi Q5 offers features of security that are designed to handle anything the spring weather may throw at you. From automatic emergency breaking to side assist and pre-sense, here’s a vehicle well-equipped to keep your family safe throughout the year and Benzel-Busch is pleased to provide a first-look.

Supporting Commuters Throughout the Tri-State Region

Audi Q5 safety features are impressive and well-designed, doing as much to prevent collisions as to protect passengers should there be one. Here’s a close look at three key features:

Automatic Emergency Braking

Daily commutes through the Garden State can come with repetitive starting and stopping, as well as many pedestrian crossings. In these kind of conditions, unexpected obstacles are common and can be hard to avoid. The Audi Q5 has your back and can serve as a second set of eyes, notifying you of dangers before they become of concern. Should you be unable to respond, the Q5 will act for you, making moves to prevent collisions.

Side Assist and Pre-Sense

In heavy traffic, blind spots can be detrimental. The Audi Q5 helps avoid accidents caused by blind spots, combining visual and audio warnings that work to alert you if another vehicle is in your blind spot or crosses the vehicle from behind.

Rear Side Airbags

In the event of an impact, the Q5 does its best to protect you. While air bags in the front have been standard for a long time, the Q5 includes rear side airbags that deploy in a side collision, keeping back seat passengers, most often children, safe.

Experience Excellence in Safety with the Q5

NJ drivers deal with demanding road conditions, so you need a vehicle that can respond. The safety features of the Audi Q5 do just that. Audi Meadowlands, powered by Benzel-Busch, is conveniently located in Secaucus, NJ to serve those throughout the greater Metropolitan region. We invite you to test drive the Q5 to see for yourself to discover how it performs and take advantage of the latest Q5 lease deals.

Join us today at Audi Meadowlands, powered by Benzel-Busch, an Audi dealership known to elevate the standards of luxury dealerships everywhere. Experience the difference today and find your new Q5.