The Anatomy of Autonomy: A First Look at the Self-Driving Mercedes-Benz

The Anatomy of Autonomy: A First Look at the Self-Driving Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz has always been known as a forward-thinking auto maker with innovation playing a huge role in the evolution of its vehicles. So, what’s next for the iconic brand? Entering the self-driving revolution. While completely self-driving cars still lie some way ahead for the brand, the S-Class already incorporates many autonomous features, preparing Mercedes-Benz drivers for the future of autonomous driving. Let’s look at what the S-Class can do.

S-Class Delivers Self-Driving Features

The 2018 Mercedes-Benz S-Class delivers the most advanced autonomous features in its division, thanks to a Driver Assistance Package which offers self-driving features via well-placed cameras and radar combined with map and navigation data. This enables the S-Class sedan to handle much of the driving process autonomously.

What the Driver Assistance Package offers: Want to know more about Audi's tech features? Check out these highlights:

  • Adjusts speed automatically in curves or when coming to traffic jams
  • Assists with lane changing
  • Checking your blind spots and offering warnings
  • Recognizes pedestrians and brakes if necessary
  • Prevents front collisions

While it’s not a fully self-driving Mercedes-Benz, this available upgrade helps you to drive smarter. Remember, thought, you won’t be able to curl up for a nap on your commute into the city, or have the car drop off the kids for you, at least not yet.

Self-Driving Mercedes-Benz Features Boost Safety

Mercedes-Benz has a strong reason to keep pushing the automation envelope—safety, which is driving the brands development. As 90% of car crashes are caused by human error, self-driving features have the opportunity to make our roads altogether safer places.

Countering human mistakes such as drifting into another lane or not stopping quickly enough, is what automated features do best. Mercedes-Benz's Driver Assist Package helps drivers steer clear of these common risks on the road, making the S-Class an altogether smarter, safer vehicle. While autonomy offers convenience, safer roads are the real goal.

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