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Benzel-Busch Introduces the 2016 smart fortwo

2016 smart fortwo passion coupe

When the first smart fortwo was launched in 1998, it wowed consumers with its compact size, low emissions, exceptional fuel economy, and surprising power. In the years since, under the Daimler AG umbrella, this highly evolved city vehicle has continued to grow and improve. Introducing the new 2016 smart fortwo, the most powerful and practical smart vehicle yet to hit the streets.

As always, the smart fortwo’s unusually compact construction allows a driver and passenger, plus cargo, to fit into spaces once thought impossible for modern vehicles. Despite the addition of more accoutrements and power, this latest model is no exception. The 2016 fortwo boasts a reduced, mind-bogglingly tight 22.8 foot turning circle. The new fortwo is four inches wider, which improves its stability as compared to the previous model, but its length remains unchanged—still precisely 8.8 feet, matching the exact specifications set forth by smart CEO Annette Winkler.

The new fortwo is a totally green vehicle, designed from the inside out with its environment impact in mind, with both gas and electric models available. But don’t let the 2016 smart fortwo’s sleek, diminutive form fool you. Underneath the hood, this is a vehicle that packs a punch, giving you that extra zip on the road. Its new rear engine and turbocharger ratchet the vehicle’s total horsepower up to 89. It’s also available with a five-speed manual transmission or optional six-speed dual clutch twinamic transmission to allow for smooth shifting and road-roaring fun.

Not to mention, the 2016 fortwo is safer than ever with its new Tridion safety cell built from a combination of multiphase steel and ultra-high strength hot-formed steels. Much like its predecessor, the new fortwo’s uniquely designed cage-like form protects drivers from collisions and allows you to feel at ease, even with much bigger vehicles sharing the road.

True to the smart name, the fortwo is designed with the future in mind. Built-in smartphone integration means it’s easier than ever to get your music pumping and your app notifications buzzing from the comfort of the driver’s seat. A custom-designed eight-speaker JBL sound system fills the cabin with rich, bass-boosted sounds, and standard Bluetooth technology allows for safer, hands-free calling and simplified streaming from mobile devices.

Plus it looks better than ever. New body and cell colors like cool silver and lava orange add up to 40 different possible combinations, which means there’s a smart fortwo for every personal style.

With enhancements everywhere you look—and yet the same familiar compact form and effortless functionality—the 2016 smart fortwo is the perfect vehicle for intelligent, forward-thinking urban driving. Call or visit our Benzel-Busch smart center today to schedule a test drive.