Benzel-Busch Introduces the all-new 2017 AMG GT

Benzel-Busch Introduces the all-new 2017 AMG GT

Since its inception, the AMG name has become synonymous with realizing the absolute limits of performance, and now Benzel-Busch would like to introduce the all-new Model Year 2017 AMG GT.

New this year and to be followed by convertible versions, it joins the Model Year 2017 AMG GT S.

What is different about this all-new GT? It is basically the same car as the GT S, only with less horse power. It even includes the exact same hand-built AMG 4.0-liter V8 Biturbo engine.

What makes the AMG GT and AMG GT S so special? Their brilliant, sporty, and powerful presence make every road feel like a racetrack. Step inside these cars just once, and you’ll witness firsthand the glorious passion that goes into every detail of each AMG -- just ask your Benzel-Busch Account Representative for details.

What is the history of the Mercedes-Benz AMG engine? As with many great stories, it begins with a true legend: in 1967, in an old mill, when engineers began to work on Mercedes-Benz engines, hand-adjusting them for racing. Still the product of some of the world’s most skilled engineers, the engine of every AMG that’s produced today bears the signature of the individual craftsman who hand-built it And building that engine is no small feat.

What are the engine specifications of the 2017 AMG GT and AMG GT S? The new 2017 AMG GT and AMG GT S both sport the brand new AMG 4.0L V8 biturbo engine. This engine is both more responsive and more efficient than ever, with huge torque and incredibly zippy acceleration—all of it catapulting from 0 to 60 in just 3.7 seconds for the GT S and 3.9 for the GT. The new engine also features advanced, more precise fuel injectors, a new multi-spark ignition for improved performance, and a streamlined lubrication design.

Bred for the racetrack, there are new multiple DCT transmission driving modes that car-lovers have come to expect from Mercedes and AMG. How many AMG GT and AMG GT S drive modes are there? There are five in total, from Comfort—the smoothest mode, for everyday driving—to Sport, Sport+, and Manual, which allow for rapid shifting and response. For the lionhearted, there’s also RACE mode—though that’s recommended only for experienced drivers operating the vehicle on a track. Other driving features include a high-performance braking system, speed sensing steering, and Race Start for super-fast acceleration.

Of course, when you’re getting behind the wheel of a racecar, the look is second only to the performance—and in that area the sensuous, streamlined AMG GT and AMG GT S don’t disappoint. From its aluminum body to its carbon fiber elements to its exceptionally strong wheels, which feature titanium silver inlays and machine-polished spokes, these are breathtaking, aerodynamic vehicles that look as if they can’t wait to meet the road.

What do the inside of the AMG GT and AMG GT S look like? The 2017 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT and AMG GT S are just as stunning on the inside, too. The racing-inspired interiors feature supremely comfortable, contoured AMG seats with three-stage heating, aluminum accents, and silver chrome trim. There’s also dual zone climate control, and between the driver’s two analog gauges, a color screen—plus a larger 8.4” screen, providing information, navigation, and more, which rests at the cockpit’s center.

What about the AMG GT and AMG GT S Safety features? Though the new GT and GT S are AMG from its engine to its exterior, its incredible safety features and standards are all Mercedes. With eight air bags, designed to function optimally in any kind of accident including driver and passenger knee airbags, ATTENTION ASSIST, and Blind Spot Assist, the safety features of the AMG GT and AMG GT S keep danger at bay—allowing the driver to simply relax and enjoy what the road has to offer.

The new 2017 AMG GT and AMG GT S are dream cars for the racetrack driver in all of us. For more information on these captivating new vehicles, contact your Benzel-Busch Account Representative today.

Also keep an eye out for the all-new 2018 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT R that is due to arrive Summer, 2018.