Benzel-Busch Introduces the All-New 2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedan

Benzel-Busch Introduces the All-New 2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedan

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Welcome to the world’s most technologically advanced vehicle and the future of autonomous driving – welcome to the 10th generation all-new Model Year 2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedan.

Like every Mercedes-Benz vehicle—and the legendary E-Class in particular—the all-new 2017 E-Class Sedan is a work of art. Beautiful to behold, this new vehicle has all the hallmarks of the best cars Mercedes-Benz has to offer, from its sportiness to its stunning interior. But most important of all, the new E-Class Sedan is the smartest, most technologically advanced sedan that the world has ever seen. This is a car that monitors other vehicles and its surroundings to help avoid danger – working for an accident free future.

It all begins with classic Mercedes-Benz engineering. The new 2017 Sedan boasts a 2.0-liter engine capable of reaching 241 horsepower and 273 lb-ft of torque. Plus, all models come standard with a nine-speed 9G-TRONIC transmission that’s quiet, efficient, and perfect for cruising.

Seductive and luxurious from the outside, the new E-Class features an exterior that’s sporty, stylish, and absolutely sensual. Its design features include familiar Mercedes-Benz sedan hallmarks, plus an elongated hood, muscular proportions, and unique radiator grille designs in the Luxury and Sport editions. And for the first time ever, the new E-Class features specially designed rear light details that create a beautiful “stardust effect.”

In the years to come, however, the all-new 2017 E-Class will be known above all for its technological advancements, which are light-years ahead of the competition offering the best and latest innovative technologies demonstrating the long-standing commitment of Mercedes-Benz to develop the industry’s first autonomously driving vehicle. In fact, with its breakthrough Car-to-X communication system, the all-new E-Class Sedan is the first-ever production vehicle that’s able to exchange information with other vehicles on the road, in real time. This incredible new technology allows the E-Class Sedan to “see” what’s happening blocks away—even through obstacles, or around corners—keeping you safe from any danger that might be lurking around the next curve. It’s a masterpiece of intelligence and intelligent driving.

Other brand-new technologies in the E-Class Sedan include DRIVE PILOT with Active Lane Change Assist, which automatically controls and steers your E-Class Sedan during lane changes. And the E-Class’s new systems are connected to its brand-new Touch Button Controls, located on the steering wheel, which use smartphone-inspired touch and swipe gestures to give you complete confidence and control—all while eliminating the need to take your eyes off of the road.

When Mercedes-Benz built these never-before-seen technologies into the E-Class Sedan, they knew they had to craft an interior to match. That’s why the inside of the E-Class is one of the most beautiful, unique, and comfortable interiors you’ll ever encounter. – definitely a standout in its class including ambient lighting with sixty-four colors.

Anchored by Mercedes-Benz design principles of emotion and intelligence, the interior features Natural Grain Ash wood, perfectly selected shades of brown, and an eye-popping 64-color lighting atmosphere. The E-Class’s new seats are as ergonomically perfect as they are sporty and stylish, and the Warmth and Comfort package allows for maximum relaxation, with heated seats, armrests—even a heated center console and steering wheel.

The all-new 2017 E-Class Sedan is the most intelligent vehicle that Mercedes-Benz has ever engineered. View our Mercedes-Benz E-Class inventory and call us to test drive and learn more.