Benzel-Busch Introduces the New 2017 smart fortwo Cabriolet

Benzel-Busch Introduces the New 2017 smart fortwo Cabriolet

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No longer a niche category, smart’s compact cars have entered the mainstream—and for good reason. Backed by Mercedes technologies, the new smart fortwo vehicles are engineered to meet the needs of the modern urban driver.

With the new 2017 smart cabriolet electric planned for a Spring 2017 release, we’d like to introduce the recently launched 2017 smart cabriolet gas powered vehicle, while also featuring the 2016 gas-powered smart fortwo pure coupe.

We’ve answered some of the most common questions we get from curious customers who are seriously considering all of our smart vehicles.

What sets the smart fortwo apart from other cars in its segment?

Small yet powerful, refreshingly designed yet highly pragmatic, these compact vehicles make a strong case that smaller is better—especially when supported by expert engineering, fantastic fuel economy, and cutting-edge features.

What makes the smart fortwo such a unique vehicle?

We love the smart for a ton of reasons, but chief among them are its environmental friendliness, flexibility, and incredibly compact size—you’ll never have to circle the block to find a parking space again!

Perhaps the smart’s most thrilling features are its fuel economy—it gets up to 39 mpg on gasoline alone—and its best-in-class 22.8 foot turning radius. This is a vehicle that zips smoothly around the tightest corners and cul-de-sacs, providing an unparalleled driving and parking experience that’s both eminently practical and surprisingly thrilling.

What are the technical specs, and what is the smart fortwo capable of?

Available with either a twinamic or manual 3-cylinder turbocharged engine, rear wheel drive, and an optional 6-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, the smart pure boasts 89 horsepower, 100 foot-pounds of torque, and can reach a top speed of 96 mph.

What are the exterior options for the smart fortwo?

Ten beautiful color finish choices range from moon white to lava orange—and everything in between—accentuating the smart’s curves and allowing owners to add a personal touch to its bold, miniature sleekness.

What about the interior?

Available with your choice of the upgraded beautiful and luxurious man-made leather upholstery or a traditional black fabric interior, the smart fortwo squeezes a legendary level of comfort into its compact frame. It’s smart, inviting, stylish, and relaxing all at once. And despite its small size, a widened base gives it a sedan-like coziness, while its twin-section tailgate makes it easy to move a significant amount of cargo from point A to point B.

As part of the smart’s new emphasis on performance, the newly re-designed instrument cluster also features a full-color display that’s easy on the eyes, providing useful information at-a-glance without distracting drivers from the road.

How safe is the smart fortwo?

With its smart vehicle lineup, Mercedes-Benz has brought its world-renowned safety features to the compact driving experience.

The smart meets the highest safety standards, with cutting-edge features that include Tridion Safety Cell technology and steel doors with spot-welded reinforcements. Sensor-activated technology like Crosswind Assist keeps drivers safe in all conditions, while LED daytime running lights activate automatically to ensure safer driving.

To learn more about how these exciting new vehicles could fit into your lifestyle—and become your favorite purchase of the year—contact your Benzel-Busch Account Representative and test drive one today!