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The Benzel-Busch Family of Dealerships Debuts Video Library of Vehicle How-Tos

Mercedes, Audi, smart owner videos

Have you ever searched a car manual for answers when a flashing light appears on the dashboard? Or wished that you could get a tutorial on how to manually shift gears? Sometimes you don’t have time to visit the dealership for a quick tutorial. So, we’ve found that when it comes to educating our Benzel-Busch, Audi Meadowlands, and smart center Englewood drivers about their cars, a video can be invaluable.

This month, you can access a brand new library of how-to videos on our website. The videos have a threefold purpose: 1) to educate customers on all of the obvious—and not-so-obvious—features of their Mercedes-Benz, Audi and smart vehicles, 2) to help drivers get the most out of their cars, at their convenience, and 3) to do so without having to thumb through a manual.

If you have a burning question about your vehicle, chances are you’ll find the answer here at:

Of course, if you come up against an issue that can’t be solved online, give us a call at 888-320-2469. Or visit us in person either at our state-of-the-art Benzel-Busch showroom and service showrooms in Englewood, our smart center in Englewood, New Jersey; or at our Audi Meadowlands showrooms in Secaucus and North Bergen.

Click below to see How-To Videos for:

Mercedes-Benz Owners

Audi Owners

smart Owners