Benzel-Busch Mercedes and Audi Meadowlands of New Jersey Sponsors Top New Jersey Hospital: The Palisades Medical Center

Small non-profits often have great reach—but when a non-profit has grown so large that it’s an inextricable part of the community, it’s gratifying to see the enormous ripple effect. We are proud to be part of the overall success of Palisades Medical Center, a non-profit hospital that we at Benzel-Busch Mercedes and Audi Meadowlands have supported for more than five years.

Palisades Medical Center (PMC) is located in North Bergen and is affiliated with The Hackensack University Health Network. It is ranked #1 in Hudson County and is one of the best and largest hospitals statewide. The Center serves a population of 400,000 and employs more than 13,000 people, making it the largest employer in the area. Its annual operating budget is a whopping $150 million, affording it 202 hospital and 245 nursing home beds.

The Palisades Medical Center received a 100% score in heart attack treatment, has shown “Zero Deficiencies” over three consecutive years (New Jersey Department of Health), and won a slew of accolades from the American Heart Association, The Birthing Center, U.S. News & World Report, and other notable organizations.

For years, we’ve held PMC in high regard—and have also been a leading sponsor at PMC’s annual fundraiser events. PMC relies heavily on support from local residents, organizations and businesses like us. A few of the Center’s upcoming events include the 6th Annual Casino Night (August 23rd) and the 2012 Star Stream Ball (December 1). We regularly donate a hole-in-one car to the PMC Foundation’s Classic Golf and Tennis fundraiser, and are a major sponsor of the Center’s Casino Night—which raises funds to upgrade facilities and programs—four years running.

Bravo to a wonderful organization, and here’s to continuing our partnership in the years to come.