Benzel-Busch Mercedes of New Jersey Supports Local Women Through The Women’s Rights Information Center

Women working at home, and not part of the paid labor force, make up one of the most vulnerable parts of the population. Desertion, the death of a partner, disability and divorce all have the potential to create very precarious economic and emotional circumstances for women homemakers. And without marketable skills to fall back on, poverty and homelessness become a very real threat.

This is the 2nd year that we have contributed to The Women’s Rights Information Center’s annual fundraiser. The Women’s Rights Information Center was founded in 1973, when the country was experiencing great cultural change. The Center’s mission is the same now as it was then: to help women overcome economic obstacles and develop the skills they need to become self-sufficient.

The Center provides a variety of informational, educational and practical life-enhancing programs that help women achieve self-sufficiency. Included are Microsoft Office Certification Courses, an ESL program, legal consultations and career services.

One of the Center’s most important offerings is the shared housing program. Assisting single parents and others in finding compatible housemates, this transitional program is a lifeboat for those on the verge of homelessness.

Just as important, the Center provides a warm, understanding environment where women feel safe—and can rebuild self-esteem. It is also worth noting that the Center does not duplicate the services of any other local organizations. So what they provide is not only unique but in great demand.

This year’s fundraiser dinner was held on May 2nd at the Clinton Inn in Tenafly, NJ. Guests paid $150 per ticket (or $225 for an advocate ticket) to help the organization exceed their fundraising goal. But with the loss of public funding, they need more help now than ever.

To learn out more about The Women’s Rights Information Center, visit There you will find information about the Center’s various services and about how you can contribute to the organization.