Benzel-Busch Mercedes Gives You Some Useful Tips on How to Keep Your Car Healthy During National Car Care Month

At Benzel-Busch Mercedes, cars are our passion. For nearly half a century we’ve been defining the way you drive by establishing a new standard of automotive excellence. And as any car lover knows, Mercedes builds some of the world’s most innovative luxury cars.

But of course, the best (and safest) cars are those that are well cared for. So this April we are calling attention to National Car Care Month: a month dedicated to helping you improve and maintain healthy vehicles—inside and out.

Keeping your car in tip-top shape is an easy way to keep the mechanic away. More importantly, being aware of the condition of your car will not only lower your insurance rates but also reduce your risk of an accident on the road.

Here are a few ways you can stay on top of your car’s health:

  • Be sure to check your tire pressure on a regular basis. Maintaining the proper tire pressure will help you save gas, give you greater control in inclement weather, and prevent dangerous blowouts on the road.
  • Check your windshield wipers. In rainy weather, good windshield wipers are crucial. They drastically improve visibility, making you and others on the road safer.
  • Avoid issues with rubber seals by keeping them hydrated. The cold can dry out rubber seals, which block road noise, but rubber protectants keep them hydrated.
  • Wash and polish your car. A thorough wash and new coat of wax will not only make your car look like new but will also protect the exterior from harmful rust.

And of course… always bring your Mercedes-Benz vehicle in to us for its required maintenance services as pointed out by your vehicle’s Flexible Service System.

Join us in making the most of this year’s National Car Care Month! To view our latest service specials please click here.