Benzel-Busch sponsors the Diana Krall concert at the Bergen PAC on October 15th, as part of her Glad Rag Doll world tour

Benzel-Busch is pleased to announce the sponsorship of another concert on October 15th with our longstanding partner, the Bergen PAC.

The upcoming concert on October 15th, features Canadian jazz pianist, and contralto vocalist, Diana Krall, as part of her Glad Rag Doll world tour. Ms. Krall has won two GRAMMY awards, eight JUNO awards, and is the only jazz singer to have eight albums debuting at the top of the Billboard Jazz Albums. In addition to Diana Krall, the new 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class will also be in attendance.

As quoted from Motor Trend’s article, “The Ruling Class,” by Johnny Lieberman, the S-Class “is the latest luxury beast against all other wannabes will be compared.” The new and agile S-Class sedan blends the “essence of luxury,” “efficient technology,” and “intelligent drive.” Benzel-Busch wants to help you define the way you drive with the whole Mercedez-Benz promise of “the best or nothing.” Luxury begins with the seven different interior lighting colors, with five levels of brightness, and flows into the craftsmanship of all four seats. Each seat is designed and engineered with six energizing massage functions, two of which functions are heated, and have similar qualities of hot stone massages. The executive backseats also have a mobile office, and recline from 37 to 43.5 degrees. “Efficient Technology” begins with the ergonomic separation of the instrument cluster, and the infotainment center to increase both aesthetics and functionality. The new Navigation Control center in the S-Class is powered by Google maps with live traffic updates. “Intelligent Drive” blends with the new road technology creating the Pre-Safe, Road Surface Scan, Magic Body Control, Night Vision, and Stop&Go functions. Account Representatives will be available at the Diana Krall event to provide you with a complete review of this featured vehicle, and to answer any questions you may have.

Just as it is the specialty craft of Mercedes-Benz to produce magnificent cars, such as the S-Class, it is the honor of Benzel-Busch to also sponsor beyondMusic at the Bergen PAC, which creates the environment where developing musicians can thrive and hone their abilities to be the most successful in all aspects of their craft. We hope you stop by on October 15th to enjoy both featured stars.