Benzel-Busch Sponsors the Inaugural Escape to the Palisades Half Marathon and 5K Benefiting New Jersey’s Palisades Interstate Park

As New Jersey’s premier Mercedes dealership, we are perhaps overly aware of the state of our local roads. Well-cared for roads are safer, and they are easier on your car.

New Jersey has no shortage of highway but, as far as scenic routes go, none are more breathtaking than Henry Hudson Drive in Palisades Interstate Park. So on May 6th, we are teaming up with the Palisades Interstate Park Commission and EventPower to sponsor the inaugural Escape to the Palisades Half Marathon and 5K.

The races will be held at Ross Dock Park, in New Jersey. All of the proceeds (costs include $40 for the 5K and $85 for the half marathon) go directly to the rehabilitation of both roads and trails in the New Jersey section of The Palisades Interstate Park.

The Palisades Interstate Park Commission was created in 1900 to preserve the Palisades of the Hudson River from being defaced by massive stone quarries. And between 1916 and 1940, Henry Hudson Drive—also known as River Road—was constructed. It is now one of the oldest scenic routes in the country.

More than 600 runners are currently registered for the event, which follows the same course as the US Iron Man Championships. With the Iron Man NYC coming in August, this is a great opportunity for athletes to get in some good practice.

“We are looking forward to putting on a fantastic race. We are really excited to have Benzel-Busch as a partner and we hope it grows into a long term partnership,” says Corey Roberts of EventPower.

We at Benzel-Busch are looking forward to showcasing a few of our cars on the day of the race, including the smart car—which will also be the race’s pace car—as well as the Mercedes-Benz C-Coupe, M- and GLK-Class vehicles. We’re hoping for a beautiful day in New Jersey!

For more information or to register for the races, visit the Escape to the Palisades website at