Discover Luxury in the SL Roadster Convertible

Discover Luxury in the SL Roadster Convertible

Getting There is Half the Fun in the 2018 SL Roadster

The Mercedes-Benz brings style, power and uncompromising safety to any summer excursion. Your sense of adventure can take you to the boardwalks of the Jersey Shore, the mountains of upstate New York, or the bustling streets of midtown Manhattan. The destination does not matter because anyplace you go in an SL Roadster becomes luxurious.

Whether you enjoy the wind whipping your hair as you take off down the highway or a securely closed cabin that is drowned with just the right amount of sunlight, the SL is a preferred luxury convertible. Its Pandora roof can close or open on demand, backed by a glass roof that allows in more or less light at the touch of a button. And for a car with such a sleek profile, the SL Roadster offers a cabin space with room to spare. Its spacious 39-inches of head-room, nearly 43-inches of leg-room, and a whopping 55.5-inches of shoulder space come backed by plenty of room for features of comfort and convenience:

    • Heated and ventilated seats
    • Command 5.1 infotainment system
    • 10 GB Music Register Internal Memory
    • Adaptive cruise control
    • A refrigerated section in the glove box

Own Every Road with Superior Performance and Uncompromising Safety

Whether fighting rush hour traffic on the Palisades Parkway or taking the Ocean Drive to Wildwood, the Mercedes-Benz SL Roadster elevates every trip. Both the smooth V6 of the SL440 and the powerful 449 horsepower V8 of the SL550 give drivers superior acceleration with surprisingly efficient fuel economy. In the AMG version, the all-wheel-drive system can shift power to the rear wheels for more thrust while the seven-speed transmission keeps the ride smooth as the engine exerts its power.

The SL Roadster has all standard safety features, but also adds revolutionary technology to keep drivers and passengers as secure as possible. These include:

      • Electronic stability control
      • Blind spot monitor
      • Lane departure warning
      • Lane keeping assist

Elevate Your Standards at a Premier Mercedes Dealership in the Tri-State Area

The Mercedes-Benz SL Roadster rules its class as a premier convertible on the market. When it comes to a vehicle this luxurious, why rely on the average highway dealership for a test drive? Benzel-Busch is known for elevating standards, from your very first test drive to your annual service check-up, making our dealerships top destinations for experiencing the SL Roadster.

As a leading Mercedes-Benz dealership in the region, Benzel-Busch is committed to providing a first-class customer experience. Schedule a test drive and discover current SL lease deals by planning a visit today.