Don’t Fall Short on Seasonal Service: Certified Service for Tri-State Drivers

Don’t Fall Short on Seasonal Service: Certified Service for Tri-State Drivers

Fall brings lots of change to the tri-state area, especially for drivers on the road. To be prepared for these changes, your car needs to be performing as it should so you can battle days of heavy rain and falling leaves that are part of driving in northern New Jersey. It's the perfect time to bring your Audi or Mercedes-Benz in for a fall check-up.

There is no better place to take your luxury car in for service than Benzel-Busch Motor Cars or Audi Meadowlands, Powered by Benzel-Busch. Our Audi and Mercedes-Benz service centers understand how your car works so it’s worth it to bring it to us, where you’ll always receive excellent care. Elevate your standards by choosing to service your car with us. You'll be ready for whatever the NJ roads bring this season.

Safe Tri-State Fall Driving Requires Comprehensive Service

While your Audi or Mercedes-Benz may have made it through summer with no problems, fall brings about different conditions, including crisp autumn temperatures and the higher likelihood of rain. NJ roadways can get quite treacherous even in early fall. These quick shifts in weather mean you need to be proactive. We recommend a full fall service check-up.

A fall check-up can include these maintenance requests:

  • Oil change: Your vehicle has been through hot temperatures all summer so you probably need an oil and filter change
  • Check tires to ensure the wear of each is within tolerance: driving on hot asphalt could have changed the wear so it may be time for a rotation or replacement
  • Brake inspection and replacement of any parts not working: the summer traffic was probably a lot of bumper to bumper—make sure your brakes are in good shape
  • Battery check: cooler temperatures in the morning could cause more strain
  • Measure and top off any fluids: don’t get caught without fluids during your daily drive or a weekend getaway
  • Replace wiper blades and be ready for fall showers
  • Belts and hoses: Check for cracks and leaks as hot days could have caused a breach

This isn’t an exhaustive list of fall maintenance musts, but it’s a good start. You can speak with the team at our Mercedes Benz and Audi service centers to talk about your vehicle’s specific needs or if you’ve noticed any issues. Be sure to advise your service tech of any problems you've witnessed, too.

For Luxury Vehicles, Never Compromise on Service

Protect your car and your investment by preparing it for fall driving. You'll never have to compromise on service when you select the certified service centers of Benzel-Busch Motor Cars or Audi Meadowlands, Powered by Benzel-Busch. We use only certified OEM parts and our technicians have extensive experience. You can always trust that service will be as expected when you choose Benzel-Busch. We look forward to helping you safely drive into fall.

Benzel-Busch is here to serve you today and get your vehicle fall ready. It’s easy to make an appointment—schedule on our website today.