Enjoy Secure Summer Travels, Thanks to Certified Dealership Service

Enjoy Secure Summer Travels, Thanks to Certified Dealership Service

Safe Driving Starts with Quality Service

Winter and spring aren't the only important times to have your Audi or Mercedes-Benz serviced; bringing your luxury vehicle for service every season goes a long way to maintain its peak performance and longevity. To keep you and your passengers safe, get these components checked leading up to — and periodically, during — the long, hot New Jersey/New York summer:

  • Oil. Hot temperatures and heavy driving can overheat your car and engine, so start with an oil check. An oil change and oil filter replacement are recommended, especially if your oil looks dark, dirty, or grimy.
  • Other Fluids. The last thing you want to discover during a road trip is that your coolant, transmission, power steering or brake fluids are not at the suggested level. Get your car checked for leaks and to top off fluids, if necessary.
  • Tires. Just as cold winter temperatures can result in under-inflated tires, the change in weather and air pressure in hotter months can lead to over-inflated tires, which bring a higher risk of tire blowouts and accidents. Also, note that properly inflated tires will increase your fuel efficiency.
  • Brakes. Summer traffic means lots of stop-and-go. Making sure your brakes are in optimal condition beforehand could save you a huge amount of hassle and cost.
  • Belts and Hoses. Cracks, loose connections and leaks — or belts and hoses that are too smooth, slick, or which have separated into layers — are best caught and fixed before your road trips along the Jersey Shore. Your service technician may even recommend a replacement.
  • Air Conditioner. Why you should get your A/C unit checked, serviced, and maintained for the summer is self-evident. You want to travel in comfort, not in an oven!

Certified Service to Secure Tri-State Drivers

You chose your luxury vehicle carefully - why would you be any less discerning when it comes to service and maintenance? Benzel-Busch offers you the excellence and expertise of a certified Mercedes-Benz Service Center and certified Audi Service Center. This means that your vehicle is in the hands of a highly trained, experienced, and specialized team that knows your car inside out, so you know you are receiving the highest quality care for your luxury ride.

Start your summer off the right way - schedule an appointment with our exceptional Benzel-Busch certified service technicians and get ready to enjoy a tri-state summer!