Helping to Rescue Homeless Animals in the New Jersey Area: Audi Meadowlands of NJ Supports Animal Life Savers, Inc.

In our quest to support local non-profit organizations that support our community, Audi Meadowlands connected with Animal Life Savers, Inc. Millions of healthy cats and dogs are killed annually in the United States. Animal Life Savers is a local non-profit working to combat that number and Audi Meadowlands, the premier NJ Audi dealer, wanted to help support their cause.

The organization is dedicated to rescuing homeless animals in the NJ area. It does so entirely on public donations and volunteerism—which means that every bit of support we at Audi Meadowlands can provide goes a long way to buy food and supplies, and pay medical bills.

Animal Life Savers runs a successful trap, neuter and release program, which helps minimize the metro area’s overwhelming stray cat population. And it facilitates the adoption of homeless animals that are in desperate need of attention and loving homes. The organization also educates on the humane treatment of animals through a program that seeks to instill in children a deep sense of compassion toward all forms of life.

If you are considering adopting a cat or dog, please visit the Animal Life Savers adoption page. And if you are unable to take in an animal, consider making a tax-deductible donation to support their initiative ( For $10 a year you will receive the organization’s newsletter, as well as literature on how to talk to your kids about the humane treatment of animals. For $20 a year, you can also sponsor an animal.