The Mercedes-Benz CLS 2018: A New Take on a Classic Luxury Coupe

The Mercedes-Benz CLS 2018: A New Take on a Classic Luxury Coupe

Combining sophistication, comfort, and functionality, the third-generation CLS stays true to its roots. Meanwhile, it offers a new spin for 2018, creating a different take on a classic luxury coupe. Perfect for commuting into Manhattan or weekend drives to the Jersey Shore, the 2018 Mercedes-Benz CLS 2018 will receive the adoration of any New Jersey driver. As a top pick of this Mercedes-Benz dealership in New Jersey, we're pleased to take a closer look at the features that set the CLS ahead of the curve.

A Coupe Body Worth Reverence

For 2018, the CLS stands out from those before it with a focus on sensual, pure design, smoothing out the once sharp edges and focusing on clear contours. As the grille widens toward the base, it highlights a base with a forward slant front. With more bells and whistles, the 2018 CLS has brilliant wide, low-set headlights and two-section tail lights. CLS specifications leave nothing on the table, offering a design that's not only about how it looks; it’s about creating an entirely new driving experience.

Impressive Performance Features to Fit the Demands of NJ Drivers

The third-generation CLS features new engines, with the choice of in-line six- or four-cylinders, which can be either diesel or gas powered. Its CD value of .26 delivers outstanding aerodynamics while diesel versions include a stepped-bowl combustion process as well as two-stage turbocharging. The use of the new CAMTRONIC variable valve-life also makes its debut in the 2018 CLS. By combining aluminum engine block and steel pistons, performance is significantly enhanced.

A Vehicle That's Just as Strong as It Is Smart

The CLS is built with smart design, as displayed in the driving assistance systems, including the revolutionary Active Distance Control DISTRONIC and Active Steering Assist. Speed is now adjustable ahead of junctions or bends in the road. Cameras and radars provide visibility of the traffic around you while calculating driving behavior based on map and navigation data. Your CLS can even manage congested highways with automatic stops and starts that flow with the traffic. Melding intelligence, comfort, and safety, the CLS is ready to handle whatever awaits on the highways of New Jersey.

Experience Timeless Style Marked by Innovation in the CLS

With a stunning body, high-performance specifications, and smart options, the 2018 Mercedes-Benz CLS delivers everything a driver would want. You'll love this new take on a classic, especially as a New Jersey driver in need of style, security, and driving precision. Discover it all at Benzel-Busch.

The Mercedes-Benz CLS is an exceptional coupe for 2018, but don't just take our word for it. Experience the style, performance, and innovation with a test drive at none other than Benzel-Busch, Where Luxury Lives.