Mercedes-Benz Debuts Model Year 2013 Vehicles, Now On-site at Benzel-Busch Mercedes of NJ

Mercedes-Benz is synonymous with luxury…quality…comfort…exceptional engineering. We make solid cars that hum with the innovation of more than a century on the road. And every year, we introduce new improved-upon models.

Benzel-Busch is proud to introduce the Model Year 2013 fleet. All classes—from the SLK- and SL-Class Roadsters, to the G-Class SUVs and C-Class Sedans—have been tweaked, redefined and perfected. Nearly all of the 2013 models are now available at Benzel-Busch Mercedes of New Jersey, with some of our Future Models still to come in August and this Fall. (See information on the GL and GLK in the Future Models section here.)

What do Mercedes lovers have to look forward to? We recommend visiting our 2013 vehicles online for a closer look. In the meantime, we’ll give you a little detail on a few new models…

Brand new safety technology: the 2013 M-Class SUV comes standard with futuristic innovations, like Collision Prevention Assist (to detect moving vehicles and help prevent accidents) and Attention Assist (to sense and alert its drowsy driver).

Bespoke interiors: The E-Class Cabriolet is outfitted with supple leather—fitted by hand—and Burl Walnut or Black Ash wood trim—polished by hand.

Improved fuel efficiency: The 2013 CLS-Class Coupe has a Direct Injection V-8 engine that is more powerful, uses less fuel and has fewer emissions than its predecessor. The C250 and C350 models for 2013 have also seen improved direct injection mechanisms, making for both higher efficiency and very low emissions.

More power: The 2013 SL63 AMG still looks like the classic icon that Mercedes connoisseurs expect, but it is lighter (by 275 pounds) and has increased horsepower (from 465 to 530) and torque (from 518 to 590 pound-feet).

And coming soon, our Future Models include…

  • The GL63AMG: an all-new full-size SUV with a hand-built biturbo V-8 engine, 550 horsepower and handcrafted interiors.
  • The GLK-Class SUV: newly face-lifted and featuring nearly 1,000 enhancements, like an all-new interior and improved V-6 engine—which includes a new diesel model with a BLUETEC diesel engine.
  • The all-new redesigned GL-Class SUV: a seven passenger SUV with innovative safety features, exceptional handling, and the ability to park (and un-park) itself.
  • The Concept Style Coupe: a four-door-coupe with a turbocharged engine and stylish interior.

For more information, visit us at Benzel-Busch Mercedes. Or come visit us in person and test-drive the Mercedes-Benz new 2013 Models.