Redesigned and Modernized: The 2014 E-Class Sedan Arrives this Month at Benzel-Busch for Test Drives

Introducing the all-new 2014 E-Classat Benzel-Busch!

Great products that survive generations of changing tastes must evolve. So every year, Mercedes Benz introduces updates to our classic fleet of cars—balancing infallible taste with modern innovation.

This month, we introduce the new, comprehensively modernized 2014 E-Class Sedan in both Luxury and Sport models. Both outside and in, the Sedan is sharper and sportier, with a host of comfort and safety features that offer our clients an “intelligent drive.” The 2014 E-Class Sedan has also made use of future S-Class developments—advancements that place the E-Class in a leading position in the luxury class.

Among the E-Class model’s upgrades are:

  • A sleek new exterior with full LED taillamps, redesigned rear bumpers and power-folding mirrors.
  • Luxurious interiors of walnut-y trims, plush leathers and a richer dashboard grain.
  • Cutting-edge sensors that keep you in your lane, and alert you to both crossing vehicles and pedestrians.
  • Efficiency and ecology improvements, such as a BlueTEC® diesel four cylinder engine featuring sophisticated direct injection technology (available in September).

The 2014 E-Class Sedan can now be test driven at Benzel-Busch Motor Car Corp, one of the Nation’s largest Mercedes-Benz Dealers—while Coupe and Cabriolet models will arrive in late May. Call us at 201-567-1400 and arrange a meeting with your personal Benzel-Busch Account Representative to test drive and learn more about upcoming updates to the entire Mercedes Benz fleet.