A Wheel-To-Wheel Comparison: Mercedes GLA vs. Infiniti QX30

A Wheel-To-Wheel Comparison: Mercedes GLA vs. Infiniti QX30

In the luxury subcompact crossover segment, the Mercedes-Benz GLA and the Infiniti QX30 stand out as premier options for Tri-State area drivers. Both cars are premium options and have many similarities, even being built upon the same platform and powertrain. However, in a direct comparison, the GLA far surpasses the QX30 in performance, technology, and safety, making it the optimal choice for drivers across the region. Here’s a closer look at how the two stack up against each other and a peak at the GLA features to be enjoyed with a test drive.

Powerful Performance: The GLA Pulls Ahead

With 208 turbocharged horsepower, the GLA performs effortlessly on NJ and NY roadways. You will love the advanced direct injection and multi-spark ignition, which self-tunes as needed for more power. While the QX30 has the same horsepower, it lacks the other traits of the GLA. The GLA further refines its performance with variable torque, which senses wheel slip and reapportions as needed to adjust the power to the rear wheels.

Technology and Safety: The GLA Reigns

One exciting technology advantage of the GLA is the adaptive cruise control, which uses map data to understand the road ahead. It breaks for curves and turns and even changes lanes by itself. The QX30 can’t compete with such a comparable feature. You will also enjoy the remote starting system on the GLA, another feature that the QX30 lacks.

For a safety comparison, the GLA gives you virtual eyes on the road with sensors and cameras to alert you of hazards as well as brake for you to reduce collisions. Should you find yourself getting drowsy and drifting, the GLA has a warning for that, too. While the QX30 does offer a lane departure warning system, it operates only when lane markings are clearly visible.

Sit Behind the Wheel at a Premier Mercedes-Benz Dealership

In the challenge of the Mercedes GLA vs. Infiniti QX30, it is easy to see why drivers would prefer the former. In areas of performance, technology, and safety, the GLA comes out cleanly on top. If you would like to experience these features for yourself, we invite you to the premier NJ Mercedes dealership, Benzel-Busch. Committed to remaining a place Where Luxury Lives, Benzel-Busch offers an impressive selection of GLA vehicles, all waiting for a test drive.

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