The Owner's Manual - Fall 2018

The Owner's Manual - Fall 2018

Highways is the magazine of Benzel-Busch. Focused on our wonderful cars and dedicated to a lifestyle of travel, adventure, luxury and great experiences, it continues to be our great pleasure to bring you all of the elements that make our brand special.

In case you haven’t heard, electric vehicles are coming on in a big way. Every major manufacturer has announced plans to tap into this growing market. Some even have taken the bold step of setting target dates for the elimination of internal-combustion engines al- together. The emergence of electric vehicles has introduced a host of new players into the industry. As this trend manifests itself over the next five years, the opportunities seem practically endless. And Mercedes and Audi are right there, recently announcing their bold steps into the electric vehicle market with the EQ and e-tron, respectively. These vehicles are every bit representative of their premier marques and feature the same quality, performance, luxury and comfort that you would expect from every Mercedes and Audi. We will continue to update you on this exciting segment of the industry.

The Q8 is a game changer for the Audi brand. We couldn’t be more excited to offer our detailed profile of this beautifully crafted, high-performance SUV.

Many believe Gordon Wagener is the most brilliant designer the auto industry has seen in decades. He continues to push the envelope of design with his philosophy of “sensual purity.” This simple and clean approach inspired his latest and possibly greatest creation, the Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury.

Be sure to check out, too, our feature on Hinckley Yachts and our guide to Quebec City, one of North America’s most romantic cities.

For those who prefer a digital Highways experience, we are excited to announce the launch of our Highways Blog this month. All of the great stories and experiences featured in print can now be found here.

As always, we hope you enjoy the journey with us along the Highways of Benzel-Busch.