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Benzel-Busch Mercedes-Benz AMG Road Rally Past Events

Luxury Lives in the Fast Lane Courtesy of Benzel-Busch

Engines were revved and curves were hugged; friendships were formed and standards were elevated. From the installation of the World's Largest AMG Performance Center right here in Englewood NJ, to inviting our valued AMG customers to join us for a once-in-a-lifetime experience at the AMG Driving Academy at Lime Rock Park, at Benzel-Busch, we strive to do all we can to go above and beyond for our customers.

As one of the world's largest dealers of AMG vehicles, we're thrilled to have built the world's largest AMG Performance Center. And to thank our customers for entrusting us with the purchase of their AMG vehicle, we have to do something special.

AMG Road Rally 2017AMG Road Rally 2017AMG Road Rally 2017AMG Road Rally 2017AMG Road Rally 2017AMG Road Rally 2017
AMG Road Rally 2017

A Once in a Lifetime Experience, The AMG Driving Academy

Standard with every purchase of an AMG vehicle comes the opportunity to spend a day at one of the four AMG Driving Academies across the country. While certainly a singular opportunity, president of Benzel-Busch, Joseph Agresta explains, unfortunately it's fairly common for the opportunity to be passed up.

Many people don't take advantage of the track day because they won't know anybody there, they're kind of on their own. There's an intimidation factor.

At Benzel-Busch, we Elevate Your Standards: meaning our customers are never alone, from sales to service and beyond. The Benzel-Busch Road Rally is one way we reiterate our commitment to their satisfaction. Rather than simply provide our AMG customers with their invitation to attend track day, we took it a step further by inviting them to join our team for a two-day event of which a visit to the AMG Driving Academy was only one component.

#BBRally17: Two Days of Excitement (and a Little Relaxation)

On August 16th participants and their guests, our AMG customers, met at Benzel-Busch Motor Car in their purchased AMG vehicle. Cars of all shapes, sizes, and colors lined the streets surrounding our Englewood dealership, drawing the eyes of those throughout the town. Each individual was given a custom Road Rally vehicle decal and a uniquely embroidered AMG Polo, both complete with personalized racing numbers, to help get them into the spirit of the event and stand out from the crowd. Over a light lunch, guests had the opportunity to get to know each other as well as chat with an official AMG driving specialist.

Adrenaline was already racing as we discussed the rules of the Road Rally up to the AMG Driving Academy in Lakeville, Connecticut. Along the route, drivers were encouraged to complete a series of scavenger hunt-esque activities, competing for points that would earn them the title of Benzel-Busch Road Rally Champion of 2017. Upon departing from the dealership, participants experienced the thrill of a police escort out of town and along the Palisades Interstate Parkway. From there, they embarked on a journey to arrive at the beautiful Interlaken Inn, located just a few miles from the Driving Academy.

AMG Road Rally 2017AMG Road Rally 2017AMG Road Rally 2017

The official track day was met with a moody backdrop of morning fog, perfectly setting the tone for what was ahead--a rush of thrill and anticipation and perhaps a touch of fear. Agresta, his team, and those participating in the Driving Academy rallied over to Lime Rock Park and prepared for their time at the "Road Racing Center of the East". There, they met the AMG specialists and driving instructors, as well as other Driving Academy participants who were attending the track day on their own; there for the "standard" experience that every other AMG dealer provides. Though they attended on their own, they connected with our group, asking how to change dealerships so they could become a part of the Benzel-Busch group experience that our own participants were enjoying.

Once suited up and ready to take on the track in provided AMG vehicles, the fog rolled out and participants took off. Meanwhile, back at the Inn, the racers' invited guests were treated to an afternoon tour and tasting at the illustrious Millbrook Winery, arranged by Benzel-Busch

AMG Road Rally 2017AMG Road Rally 2017AMG Road Rally 2017AMG Road Rally 2017AMG Road Rally 2017AMG Road Rally 2017

At the conclusion of the track day, the group reunited at Lime Rock Park for group photos and departed for home at their leisure and with plenty of memories behind them.

What's Next for Benzel-Busch Road Rally

It's safe to say the event was a success from the start to finish. While others at the track attended the AMG Driving Academy on their own, simply as a component of their own AMG purchase at another dealership, those who attended with the Benzel-Busch Road Rally were offered something beyond simply a day at the track. Rather than take on the track as a sole individual, they got behind the wheel with new friends by their side. One day at the Driving Academy turned into two days of fun, excitement, and a little relaxation.

With a dedication to our customers, Benzel-Busch plans for the Road Rally to be an annual occurrence. Though the finer details of the two-day event may change as the event continues to grow, it will remain an opportunity to put a new face to luxury--to get behind the wheel and take a drive unlike any other; one built upon memories, friendships, and the perfect combination of luxury and excitement. After all, as Agresta reiterates time and time again...

With us, it's more than just a car purchase. We're selling an experience, overall. We're selling a lifestyle, not just a car.

Learn more about the luxury experience to be enjoyed at Benzel-Busch. We invite you to browse our inventory of new and pre-owned Mercedes-Benz vehicles.