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Benzel-Busch Leadership Series

Benzel-Busch is proud to present the Benzel-Busch Leadership Series, featuring insights from highly respected leaders in their fields. You can look forward to periodic releases at, featuring a future interview with Ron Insana.

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Introducing Part II of this series, featuring all-star hockey player Mark Messier. We hope you also continue to enjoy Part I, with insights from Joe Torre.

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Ron Insana - Senior Analyst and Former Anchor
Having interviewed countless business and political leaders, Ron discusses:
  • Shared characteristics of some of today's premier leaders such as passion, curiosity, optimism, and a nonstop commitment to solving the problem.
  • The intangible quality leaders have to inspire people to follow them and how they inspire their staff to work to their fullest potential and enjoy what they do.
  • The importance of a great strategy and how to maximize its execution.
  • How leaders make important decisions.
  • Examples of great leadership during critical moments in recent history such as 9/11 and the 1987 stock market crash.
  • If leadership is a quality that is inborn or learned.
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    Mark Messier, all-star hockey player
    Mark talks about the things that differentiate great leaders from great players, including:
  • How they motivate the rest of the team to perform their best
  • How they handle the possibility of resentment
  • How they work with egos so that the focus stays on the team and not the individual
  • The critical elements contributing to great leadership
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    Joe Torre, baseball manager
    Joe discusses all the elements he believes are important to successful team leadership:
  • Communication is the most important factor
  • Everyone is a key contributor
  • Make goals achievable - and build a setting where team members can succeed in achieving a shared objective
  • Learn from failures and move on
  • Live in the present
  • Keep finger on the pulse of each individual
  • Team goals matched to individual goals and abilities
  • Treat every person fairly
  • Continue to work at it, regardless of salaries or successes
  • Our security and trust comes from the strength of our teammates; team members must support each other
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