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Summer Road Trip Series

Summer Road Trip Series

Take a Moon Hike

We’ll get your spaceship ready.

If you have little astronauts, we’ve planned the perfect summer weekend expedition.

You can take them to a galaxy not-so-far away that looks just like the surface of the moon. This glacier park is the perfect backdrop for a hike and even your very own indie movie. We’ve planned the entire trip for you right down to the movie script and astronaut picnic. Now all mission control needs you to do is go through your pre-flight checklist so you have an epic launch.

Introducing the Vehicle Upgrade Program

Before you start your vacation, stop in at Benzel-Busch, and with our Vehicle Upgrade Program you can upgrade your vehicle to a new model of your choosing. This means access to the latest comforts, technologies, and driver assists. It’s just like leasing a new vehicle. We’ll even buy your vehicle for above-market value.