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Winter Road Trip Series

Winter Road Trip Series

Maple Syrup Trips

Get Breakfast to Go
for your Family.

It's just a quick drive to Vermont.

Why have breakfast in bed when you can pick it up in your Mercedes-Benz?

Nothing screams winter more than enjoying pancakes in bed in a log cabin in the Vermont mountains. No need to bring the maple syrup - just get it straight from the tap directly from a maple tree! After breakfast, accelerate your trip with cross-country skiing and fat biking in the mountains. It may be a little cold, but it's never too cold to visit the Ben & Jerry's factory and get a scoop of your favorite flavor. And when you're finally ready to relax and warm up, there's plenty of lodges and breweries to end the night at.

Introducing the Vehicle Upgrade Program

Before you start your road trip, stop in at Benzel-Busch, and with our Vehicle Upgrade Program you can upgrade your vehicle to a new model of your choosing. This means access to the latest comforts, technologies, and driver assists. It’s just like leasing a new vehicle. We’ll even buy your vehicle for above-market value.