Three Ways the Audi Q3 Makes for Dependable Summer Travels


Wherever You Drive This Summer, The Audi Q3 is the Perfect Vehicle

The crossover Audi Q3 brings versatility to every mile traveled. From a lengthy drive to your summer vacation home to the typical weekday commute to the office, here are three ways the Audi Q3 will support everybody inside:

  • A passenger-friendly design that allows even adults to sit comfortably in the back seat. It also boasts plenty of cargo space for everyone on long drives. Whether traveling around the corner or around the country, the Audi Q3 transports the driver and passengers in comfort and style. Seating five comfortably in leather-trimmed, heated or cooled luxury, it offers an ample 40-inches of leg-room for the front seat and plenty of room for adults in the back. It perfectly supports space-craving family members, especially young children who can quickly grow cranky in tight quarters.
  • Unparalleled power and performance. This luxury SUV also looks and feels right at home under the bright lights of the big city. Heading into midtown Manhattan for some summer evening excitement? The Audi Q3’s sleek front grille, wraparound tailgate, and brilliant LED tail lights exude grace and style. The 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder engine brings together an energetic pick up with the performance of Audi’s legendary Quattro all-wheel-drive system, creating superior handling that masters any environment.
  • Efficiency and convenience. Few vehicles on the road can match the Audi Q3 in terms of versatility for work or leisure. It successfully combines the power and handling of a great sedan with the cargo space of an SUV. The Q3 has almost 17 square feet of cargo room, offering over 50 square feet with the back seats folded down. On any summer excursion, the Audi Connect system puts you in touch with weather conditions, Google Earth, advanced navigation, flight information, news, and other options.

Go Where Luxury Lives to Experience the Audi Q3

When it comes to the lease or purchase of a travel-friendly Q3 that will support your summer adventures, a personal dealership touch is crucial. At Benzel-Busch, we’re known to elevate the standards, treating each and every customer as though they were a member of our own family. Come out for a test drive and discover a vehicle designed for safe travels, season after season.

Contact us to schedule a test drive and put the new 2018 Q3 to the test. Browse our inventory and view the latest lease deals to get started.

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