Benzel-Busch welcomes Mercedes-Benz veteran Tom Shanley.

August 16th, 2022 by

Long-time Mercedes-Benz executive Tom Shanley joins the leadership team as General Manager of Benzel-Busch. We sat down with him to share his vision after working with Mercedes-Benz for more than four decades.

Q: Tom, you have worked with Mercedes-Benz for a long time – share your journey back home.

A: I began my career at the Mercedes Corporate Headquarters in Montvale, NJ, primarily focused on their auto shows and events nationwide before relocating with the company to its Jacksonville, FL region to manage their sales & events promotion. From there, I launched my own event marketing agency with Mercedes-Benz becoming our primary client. In 1994, we launched the PGA Tour’s season-opening Mercedes Championships, as well as developed a nationwide dealer golf program involving over 200 dealers and 16,000 players. Collectively, these marquis events stood for almost 30 years. After selling the company to the world’s largest advertising agency, the Omnicom Group, I was recruited by MBUSA’s only factory store, Mercedes-Benz Manhattan, where I led the company for more than a decade. It’s great to be back home now in New Jersey, as I’m born and raised right down the road here in Bergen County.

Q: So, you sound like a big golfer

The truth is, my aspirations are big in golf, but I’m not sure you quite ever figure this sport out. I am still in pursuit after more than 30 years ☺. What’s more important to me, are the lasting relationships you foster with people on the course who are essentially a captive audience for 4+ hours. It is one of the last places I’m aware of where people can slow down and enjoy each other’s company without distraction. I am very big on building relationships.

Q: Why come to Benzel-Busch – what is your vision?

A: The reputation and integrity of this company are well-known by clients and Mercedes-Benz globally. They truly are one of the most advanced automotive retailers in the country. The Agresta family is relentless in their commitment to client service and innovation. We are aligned in how we can improve the customer experience even further going forward. I am very excited to help them build on their great foundation in pursuit of the most effortless experience possible.

Q: What are you driving right now?

Right now, I’m driving a Certified Pre-Owned S-Class which confirms the rigid standards the company has put in place to ensure the quality and reliability of their used vehicles. This segment has become increasingly important as of late and I’m very pleased to confirm the 165-point inspection they perform makes these vehicles as good as new. The best part, however, is I also get to experience so many different new and pre-owned Mercedes-Benz models. I am totally spoiled!

Q: What do you want clients to know?

When they say, “A lifetime promise here,” they genuinely mean it. I am energized by the constant investment in people, process and how much the team truly cares about their clients. Benzel-Busch will continue to be the premiere destination in the Tri-State area to purchase or service your Mercedes-Benz. We will also continue to evolve in terms of technology and offerings to ensure your experience is most enjoyable and effortless. I am extremely grateful to feel at home – and actually, to be back home. Please be sure to stop by anytime you are in the dealership and say hello.