Careers at Benzel-Busch

When you start a career at Benzel-Busch, you become part of something bigger.


When you start a career at Benzel-Busch, you become part of something bigger. We are a team; we are a family. We’ve never forgotten what’s important and as big as we grow we will never lose that feeling. At Benzel-Busch, your work is meaningful and every member of our team is truly special. Our company mission statement establishes a goal of building long-term relationships with our team members. All you need to do is look at the tenure of our entire team and the incredibly low levels of turnover to know that we are meeting that goal every day.

At Benzel-Busch, the focus is on you. We work tirelessly to make sure our team has all that they need to succeed. Investments in training, equipment, tools, and your work environment are only the start. We constantly solicit feedback to make sure we are giving you what you need. We use employee engagement surveys, focus groups and informal gatherings to hold ourselves accountable to each and every individual.

We try to keep the focus on our team with special events too. Employee nights, Holiday parties, Launch events, and Department events are just some of the ways we find time to share our successes, break from the routine and celebrate together.

Individual Development

Individual Development

Beginning a new job with Benzel-Busch means starting a career. At Benzel-Busch we strive to understand your personal goals and we want to help you achieve them. We work closely with each and every team member through a comprehensive evaluation process as well as informal dialogue to help create a career path and matching training plan. We want you to grow to your fullest potential with us, which is why we invest so heavily in training specific to your needs.

Work Environment

Many dealerships and retail centers put their facility investment only on designated customer spaces. We believe you deserve a work environment that is as gratifying as any other space we provide. Our work spaces are designed for space, natural light, efficiency and ergonomics. Extensive time and effort has been applied to insure your comfort and productivity can be maximized.

All of our staff areas are bright, comfortable, collaborative, clean and well organized. They are all fully equipped with the most up to date equipment and the best technology available for your functional task, all tied together with the most advanced IT infrastructure in the market. The effort doesn’t end with the work areas either; further effort has been placed on staff break areas, locker rooms and fitness areas (where available).

Awards and Recognition

Just how good is the team at Benzel-Busch? We are consistently recognized by our clients, our manufacturers, the local community and even our own staff! When you are part of our team you are playing at the highest level in the game. Here are just a few of the many awards we have received recently:

Best Dealerships to Work For Award

Mercedes-Benz Employee Choice: Best Dealerships to Work For Award

Mercedes-Benz Best of the Best Award

Mercedes-Benz Best of the Best Award

Audi Magna Society Award

Audi Magna Society Award

1-1 Most Charitable Organization Award

1-1 Most Charitable Organization Award

Sales and Service Customer Laureates

Mercedes-Benz Sales and Service Customer Laureates for Excellence in Customer Care

And the list continues...


Benefits and Compensation

Being a part of our award winning team means you have access to a comprehensive benefit package as well as a competitive compensation plan that recognizes your accomplishments.

  • Advanced pay plans connect your goals to company goals
  • Full health benefits
    • Multiple medical and dental to choose from
  • Options to add to health benefits
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Paid Time Off
  • Paid Leave iLife InsuranceM
  • 401k with matching benefit

Additional Perks

In addition to your benefits and compensation package, being part of the Benzel-Busch team means that you also have access to the following perks:

  • Parking
  • Employee discounts on vehicle and merchandise purchases
  • Onsite fitness center (where available)
  • Discount on auto insurance
  • Working advantage discounts
  • Periodic Health and Wellness Fairs
    • Free flu shots
    • Free screenings for various common health problems
    • Free advice and information for various health topics

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